Due to Covid and out of respect for our friends and families, the Cannabis Farmers Market scheduled for September 18th in Laytonville has been canceled – stay tuned for the next one! Thank you – and be well.

Date of the next Market will be announced.

Market #2 Application for Cannabis Farmers

What to Expect

We will be small in number, around 15-25 farmers. We will be set up at Mendocino Cannabis Distribution on 44550 Willis Avenue in Laytonville. There will be a small fee for your table of $150 to cover the set up and permit costs due on the day of the market.

You will need to get MCD (nick@mcdistro.com) your batch for COA testing or get them a transfer from your distributor that is market ready. We are asking that you have product in stock for all of the samples you offer, as dispensary buyers are coming too, and may want to place orders. If you need help with packaging let us know.  The flowers can be packaged at MCD. The deadline for receiving product is Sept 1st.

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A customer can only leave the market with max one ounce, so we will all be selling 1/8ths and 1/4 ounces so the consumer can taste as many of us as possible.

Make sure to bring food and bevies for an afternoon with friends and folks. There will be a food truck on site and piped in music. We will be following all state BCC and covid regulations. There is no on site consumption in the promotional area, only in the weed garden or off site.

See you there!

market postponed flyer

Dear Farmers!! We are so excited to be having our 2nd Farmer’s Market, date TBD. How fun is this? Here are the parameters for this market.

  • Please have pounds to back your sales
  • First come first serve, all COA dates must be met on deadline and full applications must be either re-submitted or submitted by Aug. 30th. There are a total of 25 spaces available.
  • The price for a 10×10 booth space is $150.00 due on the day of the market
  • No pets
  • No on site consumption in promotion area
  • Families are encouraged and welcome
  • Full term tent for those farmers who don’t have product but want to promote their farm.

This is the beginning of a movement, a signal to the world that we are rising together to create the kind of market where our love and dedication to the plant and the land can be seen, smelled, and smoked!

Suggested things to bring to market:

  1. Table
  2. Tent
  3. Jar for looking and smelling your product
  4. Hand Sanitizer of some sort
  5. Lots of fun swag

Please pay upon arrival at the event. Space is limited, reserve your space now by August 30th.

Click on this link for specific instructions for the market.

Questions: 707-357-5693 or email: mendopg@gmail.com

10% of all profit from the Laytonville Highlands Market goes to benefit the 10 Mile Creek Watershed Council.

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