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First Cut Farms

Jerry Munn and Marnie Birger
License #CCL18-0000728, CCL18-0000749
We live on our farm
Micro Region: Round Valley
Types of products: Cannabis Flowers
About Our Farm:

High Cannabis lovers,

We’re First Cut Farms.  We breed and produce high-quality, organically-grown cannabis.  We’re rooted in Covelo, in the Heart of the Emerald Triangle.  Jerry Munn is a long-time cannabis activist with more than 30 years of experience in cultivation and advocacy.  Jerry is dedicated to providing you with world-class, standout, medicinal-grade cannabis.

First Cut Farms is located in a special eco-system and micro-climate where cannabis thrives.  During the new moon, we plant by hand.  The garden matures under the magical Mendocino sunshine.  The native soil is nutrient-rich and the water is filtered through the earth from the Eel River watershed.  The wind, rain, and extreme temperature swings, encourage the plants to create large amounts of resin.  In that resin lives healing and powerful cannabinoids and terpenes.  The developing plants flourish and produce frosty, dense buds.

We harvest by hand when the buds are at peak maturity.  First Cut Farms’ cultivars are unique, complex, and sophisticated.  Jerry develops varieties with unusual terpenes and amazing flavors so you’ll experience extremely stony effects and elevated highs.

We’re a wildlife-friendly farm.  We strive each season to increase the health of mother earth.  We love cannabis and our cannabis community.  Farming is our life.

It’s an honor to grow sacred medicine.

Thank you.  We appreciate you.  We love you.

We enjoy hearing from you. Adventure with us.

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