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HappyDay Farms

Casey O’Neill
License #CCL18-0000423, CCL18-0000091, CCL21-0000163
I was born and raised on my farm and have lived there 39 years.
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Micro Region: Bell Springs
Growing Season: Full term and mixed light
Types of products: Cannabis Flower, 1/8 jars from Madrone Cannabis Flower 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz Farm Cut
About Our Farm:

HappyDay Farms is a small, diversified family farm located in the hills of northern Mendocino County. Perched 3,000 feet up on a southwest slope, our terraced gardens produce year-round bounty. Off-grid and solar-powered, our multi-generational team have taken the motto “Great Success” into everything we do. In addition to medicinal sungrown cannabis, our family grows produce and flowers for our local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and farmers markets. Our unique terroir and microclimate produces small-batch, craft medicinal cannabis products from artisanal, seed-stock varietals, accentuated further by the high positive vibes we bring to our work.






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