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Lost Paradise Organics

Joseph & Yeins Chestnut
License #CCL18-0001666 Distro C11-0000333-LIC
We live on our farm
Types of products: Flower 1/8ths-1/4’s-1/2oz–Preroll 6 packs/6g–Seasonal Bubble Hash
About Our Farm:

Lost Paradise Organics is a family-owned and operated business and farm, husband and wife team Josh and Yeins have a long personal relationship with cannabis. Josh is a medical patient and the head of cultivation at Lost Paradise. His own need drives their passion for producing the finest organic-natural cannabis and craft products.
The pristine location of Lost Paradise Organics in Whitethorn Mendocino County bordering the Sinkyone Wilderness and at only 9 miles from the Pacific Lost Coast provides the cleanest environment for this family to bring out to the public their loved craft.

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