Joseph & Yeins Chestnut
License #CCL18-0001666 Distro C11-0000333-LIC

Lost Paradise Organics

Do you live on your farm? Yes
Types of products: Flower 1/8ths-1/4’s-1/2oz–Preroll 6 packs/6g–Seasonal Bubble Hash
About Our Farm:

Lost Paradise Organics is a family-owned and operated business and farm, husband and wife team Josh and Yeins have a long personal relationship with cannabis. Josh is a medical patient and the head of cultivation at Lost Paradise. His own need drives their passion for producing the finest organic-natural cannabis and craft products.
The pristine location of Lost Paradise Organics in Whitethorn Mendocino County bordering the Sinkyone Wilderness and at only 9 miles from the Pacific Lost Coast provides the cleanest environment for this family to bring out to the public their loved craft.

Visit our website at LOSTPARADISEORGANICS.COM or on Intagram at @Lostparadiseorganicsbrand