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Lovingly & Legally

Paul Hansbury and Susan Tibbon
License #CCL20-0002387
We have lived on our farm for 35 years. (2024)
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Micro Region: Laytonville/Long Valley
Growing Season: Full Term Outdoor using Organic/BioDynamic methods
Types of products: Currently, we have a Topical Spray for pain that is extremely effective. We also have introduced a series of tinctures that are ratio specific; targeting specific illnesses that provide accurate and repeatable dosage to attune to the patient’s own metabolism and tolerance. These formulas are a great tool for veterinarians also to regulate the dosage accurately based on mg./kg. of body weight.
About Our Farm:

While we have a Cottage cultivation license we only grow about 1600 sq. ft. of canopy using organic and regenerative practices. We are small medicine makers. We grow strains that are not popular but essential for the medicines that we make. We are constantly developing new medicines based on the latest scientific research.


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