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North Fork Garden Society

Tekla Broz
License #CCL19-0002406
We have lived on our farm for 34 years. (2022)
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Micro Region: Covelo Town
Growing Season: Full term sungrown only
Types of products: We have wholesale pounds, 1/8 oz pouches and jars, and 1 oz pouches.
About Our Farm:

We are a small back yard farm, with a Cottage Outdoor 2,500 sq ft permit. We used to own and run the North Fork Cafe, now sadly burned down. We have been growing good medicine on our property and previously in Sonoma County for over 40 years. We have been growing local strains such as Jah-Goo, currently we have a lovely aromatic GMO Cookie on sale, and this coming year we want to grow a nice local gelato. We grow in the ground, making most of our own soil by composting and use very few additives to the soil and to the growing plants. We hand trim all of our flower. We grow good medicine and recreation with love and care.



We are listed on the Sovereign Sacramento delivery website. This is our second year of product for sale, and are still generating customers. We live in hope to be discovered.