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Sun Roots Farm

Forrest Gauder & Patricia Vargas de Gauder
License #CCL18-0000654, CCL18-0000729
We live on our farm
Micro Region: Round Valley
Types of products: Food, Flowers, and Medicinal Herbs
About Our Farm:

Sun Roots Farm is located in Round Valley – Covelo of Mendocino County, California. This land is home to the Round Valley Tribes. The farm has vegetable, herbal, fruit, fungi, native, medicinal, and perennial gardens that welcome a range of biodiversity to the land. The farm is an entity in itself that works with and listens to nature, constantly attempting to restore and give back to Earth.

In 2018 Sun Roots Farm was awarded the Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award by the Emerald Cup, Biovortex, and High Tide Permaculture, which demonstrates a deep commitment to beyond organic farming practices and exceptional standards for the plants, people, and ecosystem. Our regenerative and biodynamic practices allow vital life forces within, above, below, and throughout the farm that creates a very high-quality flower.

Our practices include closed-loop systems, water conservation, wildlife sanctuaries, companion planting, intercropping, permaculture, polyculture, fire safety, no-till, using local resources, bee-keeping, composting, homemade soils, homemade herbal foliar sprays and applications, raising and incorporating livestock mindfully, ferments, inoculation of natural fertilizers, hügelkultur beds, sheet mulching, and incorporating sustainable living techniques into the daily existence. Sun Roots Farm specializes in heritage strains of unique genetics by our family lineage, including the Velvet Purps, Platinum, and Silver cultivars that thrive in the local environment.

Each flower and product has been hand-crafted and selected to meet the connoisseur’s taste. The flowers and herbal products produced at Sun Roots Farm are one of a kind and made in limited batch sizes – we believe this is truly some of California’s best and hope to share it with you!

Find our products at Solful in Sebastopol, Vital Distro in Oakland, Hella Dank in Santa Rosa, Smoakland in Oakland, and more!

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