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Sunbright Gardens

Monique Ramirez & Gus Stout
License #CCL20-0000427
We live on our farm
Micro Region: Round Valley
Types of products: Cannabis Flowers
About Our Farm:

We are a specialty cottage outdoor garden cultivating 2500 sq ft of sun-grown cannabis cultivated from seed. We are only 1 of approx 47 licenses this size in the State! We’ve been cultivating cannabis for over 15 years and are a 2nd generation farm. We are proud to be Sun+Earth certified and members of the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance and the founders of the Covelo Cannabis Advocacy Group. We care deeply about our community and spend a lot of time advocating at the local and state level for policy reform to reflect the needs of small farmers in our county and community. We are a small family-run business with a 3-year-old son. We grow vegetables, flowers, and herbs alongside our cannabis and incorporate bio-intensive gardening practices to promote healthy living soil. We have the power to change the mindset of traditional agriculture by showcasing how we garden and tend to the land as small farmers throughout our region. We believe everyone should have access to clean, potent, powerful plant medicine grown under the sunshine and it’s one of the main driving factors for why we keep doing what we do. We love homesteading and being able to stay home and raise our son living off-grid and teaching him how to live with nature in a sustainable way.

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