The Guild

“A guild is an old word. Its base definition has the meaning: “a group of people, crafters, with related interests and goals working to establish a voice for their trade.”

In Mendocino we have many different small crafters and producers. We have everything from art to wool to cannabis, wine, cheese, food, and spirits.

MPG is a platform for all of us to cultivate relationships with each other to help with promotions, education, and markets. Because of our topography, because we have more species of wildlife and native plants in our county than any other county in California. We have the opportunity to actively stand up and protect and promote best practices to care for our natural resources and wild inhabitants.

This Guild is a way we can speak with one voice, getting the best market value for our goods. I encourage you to join the guild today and be a part of the movement. We are better together. Let’s show the world how to grow responsibly.


What you get when you join the Guild?

  • A QR code
  • Entrance to our market events
  • Promotion for your business

Start A Guild with your craft or trade.