Linnet Lockhart, Michelle Peñaloza, Alex Cummings
License #CCL18-0000204

Ventoso Farms

Do you live on your farm? Yes
Types of products: Cannabis Flowers
About Our Farm:

With more than three decades of craft cannabis cultivation, Ventoso Farms is one of the first woman-owned and operated legacy farms in the Round Valley/Covelo appellation in the heart of Mendocino County. We offer connoisseurs premium sun-grown cannabis with unique flavors, exciting terpene profiles, and exceptional quality. We’re most proud of our relationship with these incredible plants and our work together. We run the farm in the same way we grow the plants — organically, with hard work and joy, as a team. We spend a lot of time with the plants and each other, and we value knowing and attending to the rhythms of everyone’s needs.

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