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WildLand Cannabis

Joey Gothelf & Jennifer Procacci
License #CCL18-0002572
We live on our farm
Micro Region: Round Valley
Types of products: Craft Cannabis Flower
About Our Farm:

At WildLand farm, we strive to produce top-shelf sun-grown cannabis. We are committed to growing in the native soil and using only organic inputs. Our location provides a perfect setting for Cannabis plants to express themselves to their fullest. We take great care in providing a slow, cold drying and curing environment to bring the ultimate in smoking experience to the finished product. We are a true small craft farm. We have done this all on our own steam, we are independent and have never taken investment money from outside sources, and have no full-time employees but ourselves. We continue to do this because we love doing it and are committed to bringing a pure product to a market that is saturated with poorly produced, poorly dried, and under-cured flower. Flavor and experience are everything. We produce a lot of our own genetics and choose them with their flavor, nose, and effects in mind. We cultivate strains that we know will do best in our unique environment.

Our 2021 Cultivar Selections

WildLand Haze WildLand Exclusive Genetics Jah Goo x Super Silver Haze

Sativa-leaning hybrid with an incredible nose of tropical fruit and IPA. Jah Goo is an heirloom strain from our community of Covelo, California.

Velvet Creme WildLand Exclusive Genetics Velvet Purps x Orange Creamsicle

Velvet Purps genetics from our friends at Sun Root Farm, crossed with Orange Creamsicle from Greenshock in Willits, California. Indica leaning hybrid with beautiful structure, frosty dense flowers flecked with purple, and a creamy citrus nose.

Wild Sleigh Ride WildLand Exclusive Genetics WildLand Haze x Tropical Sleigh Ride

Wedding Cream WildLand Exclusive Genetics Velvet Creme x Wedding Cake

Animal Gas First Cut Farms Animal Cookies x All Gas OG

Wedding Animal First Cut Farms Animal Mint x Wedding Cake

Alien Cookie Walker First Cut Farms

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Dream Queen Humboldt Seed Company

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