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Best Practices: Mendocino Producers Guild 

Mission Statement

Mendocino Producers Guild farmers create high quality craft products imbued with integrity while providing great care to land, water, wildlife, and community. 

In accordance with local regulations, our craft cannabis is grown within a canopy that is no larger than 10,000 square feet. This means that as craft cultivators we have a rich connection to each plant and every product. Our cannabis is grown and produced with respect to the people, planet, and all its inhabitants, while being cured and packaged to perfection.

Each farm is a unique ecosystem coexisting with different microclimates that will determine the most sensible practices for their establishment. MPG Certified Members commit to at least five of the following Best Management Practices:

  • Habitat Conservation: Having the smallest footprint possible to allow for the most amount of wildlife habitat. 
  • Diversified Gardens which contain multiple species of flora and fauna that encourage pollinators, soil strength, and unique cannabinoid expressions in the flower. 
  • Native Species Habitat to conserve our native plants and wildlife by preserving habitat and allowing perennial and annual locals to grow with the garden. 
  • Water Conservation through blanketed organic material on the earth to avoid erosion, drip line irrigation systems, rainwater catchment and more. 
  • Water Retention through sowing, or encouraging other plant, tree, and fungal species to hold water in their root systems throughout the canopy. 
  • Building Soil through composting, mulching, preserving mycorrhizal mat, and layering the earth with organic materials, reducing the need to purchase off site. 
  • Closed Loop Systems which create healthy feedback loops of inputs and outputs of the farm. This allows for the recycling of resources, reducing external outputs, and preserving nutrient and carbon levels. 
  • Use of Renewable Energy the goal of transitioning to 100% renewable energy. 
  • Seed and Genetic Preservation through saving and making seeds of flowers, food, and cannabis we bring sustainability and resiliency into our crops. It also allows for some of the rarest and most valued genetic diversity of cannabis.
  • Giving Back and Supporting our local communities including all Native inhabitants; be it people, creatures, or plants. 
  • Reusing. Reducing. Recycling garden/packaging/waste materials such as plastic pots, trellis netting, greenhouse fabrics, gloves, etc to preserve the life of materials and avoid unnecessary waste in our landfills.
  • Committed to non-lethal wildlife interface


Why Craft Products of Mendocino?

  • Mendocino County has a geographic uniqueness that allows for very diverse expressions of living plants. With hot days and cold nights, organic produce, flowers, and herbs produced in this region are healthy and thriving.
  • Mendocino County was the first to ban Genetically Modified Organisms in the United States.
  • Our communities have always practiced vigilance when it comes to land health and preservation.
  • Mendocino Producers Guild members appreciate living soil. We stay away from chemical fertilizers or pesticides/herbicides to produce our products.  The crops we grow can be trusted as clean, safe, and of medicinal quality.
  • Our members are connected to the land and committed to preserve our cultural heritage. We are committed to leaving a legacy of healthy practices for our children and the people to enjoy for years to come. 
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