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Crafting the world we want by creating quality goods while maintaining our commitment and passion for the land and water.


Our Focus is on Collaboration & Promotion

The mission of the Guild is to provide local county-wide farmers markets to showcase our wares to the world. Our producers are small and dedicated to Best Practices with respect for wildlife and watershed. They realize it’s a whole picture. By supporting these markets, you support a way of life that emphasizes quality over quantity, leaving a legacy for your children that is sustainable and self regenerative.

These grassroots markets are the perfect place for producers to connect directly with consumers! We seek to educate consumers and elevate our craft in order to showcase our inherent worth to the world!

We are a wildlife, watershed, and family friendly entity with a strong emphasis on community unity.

The Mendocino Producers Guild is a live platform for networking, commerce, markets, events, and resource sharing. Being a microculture of interdependent, sustainable, community producers is something that brings inspiration to the consumer. If you want to market your wares, bring back the salmon, join in the festivals, and be promoted for being a beautiful producer, interested in education and biointegration, this is your platform.

Many of our farmer’s products are available on the Mendocino Cannabis Shop website, a platform connecting consumers throughout California to the legacy craft cannabis cultivators in Mendocino.


MPG Guilds

We would love to hear your ideas about creating a guild in your area of expertise. You will find the details and application here.

More about what we are doing

A microculture county is dependent on each other so we can be greater than our parts, we become our own organism. Part of this strategy relies on developing our micro-regions. Our topography lends itself to this sort of brand identification. We together are creating our identity as an independent, interdependent county with a commitment to our value system of sustainable practices and care for our land, water, and neighbors.

This will bring a higher price as the consumer will know, we only make so many. By supporting the MPG market, a consumer is supporting forest health, good practices, small families, and excellent quality.

This is a movement, a Renaissance we are ushering in at a time when most of us need to drive less and connect more. I am hoping you will join us as we continue making a name for ourselves and our quality on the world stage.

Coming Event
Bioneers Conference

Join us April 6-8th at the ever amazing Bioneers Conference in Berkeley at the University! These are our people, our demographic for sustainable practices and earth lovin humans that appreciate quality and equity.
We will be outside sharing our Best Management Practices, and our new available services of tastings, craft boxes, and tours. Come enjoy the event and stop by and enjoy some conversation about the world of cannabis and how to start your own craft Guild. We need people who care to band together for the good of all. See you there!!

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