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Welcome to the Grange

MPG is an organization for small producers to skill-share and promote each other with markets and other events. The ethos of the Granges and being a “Granger” is much the same. The grange was born out of a necessity to protect the small farmer against the plight of corporate monopoly. We can’t produce on the same scale, we do most of the work ourselves.

What that gives you is a smaller yield bursting with quality. We are trying to get ourselves up to speed with the co-op model and our beloved Grange was made just for us to do such things. Please  join your local grange. It means a lot to all of us. Here is an ongoing list of granges. Find yours. 

The Grange movement  was a movement done over 100 years ago and it’s still 100% relevant today. 

old fashioned pirture