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Mendocino Producers Guild is an Inclusive Craft Guild

 We are composed of dedicated crafters who have passion for their art, their quality, and in our case, the planet. MPG is open to all beings who share the same values and would like a platform to express themselves and receive support and get stimulated! 

We have a goal to create global commerce from this very platform. We are new and small but incredibly mighty already. 

Welcome all guilds of trade

  • weavers
  • dyers
  • wool fullers
  • masons
  • painters
  • metalsmiths
  • blacksmiths
  • bakers
  • butchers
  • leatherworkers
  • soapmakers
  • actors


Welcome home to a safe place where you can explore with other like minded individuals how to compete in a corporate world! You can explore a myriad of topics.

Things like

  • What are best practices?
  • How to get your wares to the consumers
  • Information other craft guilders have in your field
  • The main thing that I find so valuable is to just show up with “my people” knowing we all  are doing what we can to make the magic happen, by doing it together, it can be fun and rewarding. 


If you are ready to join us in this renaissance movement we encourage you to sign up and be a guild leader.

Here’s how it works

  1. Fill out the application on the right.
  2. Someone from MPG will contact you and find out the best day and time that works for you.
  3. You will then be given your own Zoom link.
  4. You now have an open forum for all your members and associated members!!


Guilds are a way of banning together with a common ethos. Together we are stronger than all our parts separately. We carry with us a value for craft, for small batches, and sentient respect. 

This dream for small producers is a valuable way of life moving forward. Be a part of the movement. Sign up today and help us help you❤

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Mendocino Producers Craft Guilds

What kind of guild would you be interested in forming? Please let us know by filling out the form below.

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